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“An addict, any addict, can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use, and find a new way to live. Our message is hope and the promise of freedom.”

Basic Text, page 65

Your Privacy

    Your privacy is important to us. We pledge to safeguard any personal information that you give us, including e-mail addresses, etc. We will never make this information available to third parties for any reason. We will never use this information for any purpose other that to provide the service(s) which you request. We do not use “cookies” and we do not track visits to our site.

Visitor Privacy and Anonymity

To maintain visitor privacy and/or anonymity, neither the Knoxville Narcotics Anonymous website nor the hosting service for this website shall collect personally identifying data for visitors without express prior consent from visitors. Neither shall “cookies” nor other mechanisms for tracking specific visitor habits or identifying returning visitors be employed by either party.

Knoxville NA cannot, however, be responsible for maintaining visitor privacy and/or anonymity on outside websites linked to from the Knoxville NA website, including websites published by other Narcotics Anonymous service bodies. Visitors are urged to familiarize themselves with the privacy policies of those websites.

Concerns about privacy and/or anonymity may be directed to the Knoxville NA Public Relations Subcommittee via email from the Contact Knoxville NA page.

Narcotics Anonymous Member Privacy and Anonymity

For the protection of NA member privacy and/or anonymity and Narcotics Anonymous as a whole, personally identifying data (including personal email addresses) for individual NA members shall not be published on the Knoxville NA website.

Where publishing identifying data for specific NA members may be required, such data shall be limited to service position titles only.

Email Privacy and Retention

The Knoxville NA website contains a form for contacting Knoxville NA via one or more tcana.org email accounts. Email accounts associated with that form shall be maintained by the Knoxville NA Public Relations Subcommittee and used exclusively for correspondence originating on this site.

Providing personally identifying data in correspondence with Knoxville NA via the email form shall be strictly optional. However, visitors desiring a response will need to provide some means of contact.

With that in mind, it shall be the policy of Twin City Area Narcotics Anonymous that no personally identifying data from email correspondence originating on the Knoxville NA website by individual members of the public shall be kept or stored in any way and all such correspondence shall be destroyed upon processing.

On the other hand, email correspondence originating on this site from businesses and/or organizations, including official NA service bodies outside Knoxville NA, wishing to contact Knoxville NA may be kept or stored for record-keeping and/or reference purposes.

Under no condition shall Knoxville NA ever disclose any information whatsoever about individuals or organizations contacting Knoxville NA via email links on this site to any third parties.

Software Privacy and Anonymity

Where software necessary for the use of this website (e.g. browsers, plugins, network software, etc) is provided by outside entities, Knoxville NA cannot guarantee that privacy and/or anonymity is maintained in the acquisition or use of such software. Visitors are urged to read and understand the end-user license agreements for such software.